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  • low section of man against sky
    Adopt a refugee for $5 per month

    2 mn read Ever since I’ve been involved in helping freethinkers and those on the run for their convictions, I’ve noticed one thing in particular. They have to survive all by themselves in a world that is often very hostile towards them. Loneliness, depression, trauma and poverty go hand in hand. Millions of people around the world are fleeing war, hunger or persecution. We all have seen the images of columns of people, packed with bags, mattresses, household goods, and children on their arms. Families who have lost everything but are looking for a safe haven together. That’s all they have left: each

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  • A short review of the gay-themed movie “kissable lips”

    2 mn read A 500-year-old Vampire (Jun Ho), who has broken a taboo by killing his boyfriend and lover, is going to die. But there is a solution for what is going to happen to him. He has to find a pureblood human who falls in love with him so that he can drink his blood and turn into a human from being a vampire. Within the school he is attending, he suddenly finds the person he has been looking for. An innocent-looking guy (Min Hyun) trips and gets a little hurt. As soon as the vampire smells his blood, he understands that

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  • OPINION: Religion is not the enemy, extremism is

    4 mn read Modern day Secularism Secularism is freedom of religion. In a free and democratic society, people are unrestricted from practicing their beliefs, whether religious or areligious. Provided, of course, you are not hurting anyone when practicing your beliefs.  That is why the First Amendment of the United States constitution says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That is why Article 6 of the U.S. constitution says “no religious rest shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Religion under Secularism Many

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  • Dolly is looking for (online) work
    Help Dolly, an LGBTQ-activist from Egypt, to build up a new life in eastern Europe

    2 mn read Dolly Sarkasmo (an alias for her own safety) is a lesbian Ex-Muslim from Egypt. She is an activist, working to secure a better future for LGBTQ people in the middle east. Recently she was able to flee to Georgia in eastern Europe where she awaits her asylum procedure. Now she needs our help to survive until she can get asylum and build up her new life. Life in Georgia is not easy for a lesbian ex-muslim One of the first things she did after leaving Egypt is to pick up her role as an activist by reviving the Arab channel

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Our Mission

The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and liberal minds from all over the world. We offer every freethinker a platform as an open channel to ventilate opinions, news and ideas.

Some of our community members are excluded, harassed, molested or threatened for their (dis)beliefs. As a global support network we help them with information, connections, practical support and if necessary funding.

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How SUN saves lives

The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and everyone that believes in freedom of thought. Some of our members experience exclusion from their family and friends, some get threats or are imprisoned for what they believe. Besides sharing stories and news, we intend to support these people financially. Currently we are helping:

  • a Pakistan family where the father is imprisoned for blasphemy
  • several Afghan atheists who are living in the shade to prevent being persecuted by the Taliban
  • a Somali family that was able to flee the country but needs to build up a life
  • an Indonesian couple that is expelled from the family and jobs because they left religion.
  • a young, black, gay man in Yemen, that suffers from medical issues, harassment and discrimination.

With more regular donors we can help more people to survive and build up a future in freedom.