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  • 6 Islamic(Arab) countries have threatened Netflix (over lgbt movies)
    6 Islamic(Arab) countries have threatened Netflix (over lgbt movies)

    3 mn read   Ibrahum Raisi Islamic countries try to push their inhumane values on western media. This act is a clear sign to the world that Islam is much against humanity and human rights. Another act by Ibrahim Raisi the president of islamic republic of iran who called homosexuality, “modern barbarism” and defended the capital punishment for homosexuals is another proof for my claims. Punishment As humanist organizations, we should push for our rights and shouldn’t allow theocratic dictatorships get on our way to freedom.Let’s find some of the proof that islam is so much against homosexuality.“The four Sunni schools of jurisprudence


  • How western politicians are betraying humanity??
    How western politicians are betraying humanity??

    3 mn read Remember the attack on Salman Rushdie that happened several days/weeks ago?? The attack had three sides. Three sides First one was the violent Iranian Islamist regime that has been assassinating its critics and critics of Islam on its borders and outside. And the second view was that western nations are allowing violent Muslims in their countries. The third view is that, big platforms that are allowing the spread of violence within their range. (A must watch video: “why they still want to kill Salman Rushdie?” Justifying the death penalty About two years ago, Islamist dawah gandist “Ali Dawah” posted a


  • What I learned from a French philosopher
    What I learned from a French philosopher

    2 mn read After 2 months away from my studies; It’s been a few days since I started reading the lovely and unique novel “Unconsciousness” by Xavier Kermant for the 13th time, of course, this time with a philosophical approach.In reviewing this powerful work, I have paid more attention to the analysis of writing concepts in the form of French literary philosophy of the 18th century, without a doubt, the severity of Xavier Crement’s satire can be seen more than that of Voltaire, that is; Xavier Kermant has mixed the psychological issues of society with the approach of realism in the form of


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The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and liberal minds from all over the world. We offer every freethinker a platform as an open channel to ventilate opinions, news and ideas.

Some of our community members are excluded, harassed, molested or threatened for their (dis)beliefs. As a global support network we help them with information, connections, practical support and if necessary funding.

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The Secular Underground Network connects freethinkers, humanists, atheists and everyone that believes in freedom of thought. Some of our members experience exclusion from their family and friends, some get threats or are imprisoned for what they believe. Besides sharing stories and news, we intend to support these people financially. Currently we are helping:

  • a Pakistan family where the father is imprisoned for blasphemy
  • several Afghan atheists who are living in the shade to prevent being persecuted by the Taliban
  • a Somali family that was able to flee the country but needs to build up a life
  • an Indonesian couple that is expelled from the family and jobs because they left religion.
  • a young, black, gay man in Yemen, that suffers from medical issues, harassment and discrimination.

With more regular donors we can help more people to survive and build up a future in freedom.